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Sustainable Kork Yoga Mats - Designed in Germany & Made with Love in Portugal

Hello, we are

We are a new, green start-up, dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through sustainably-made cork yoga products and consciousness-altering blog articles ...and yes, we also hug trees.

How it all started. It all started with my own search for a yoga mat that is sustainably from natural materials and has not traveled halfway around the world. The search turned out to be more difficult than expected, as even natural materials have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, natural rubber is often referred to as a sustainable material for yoga mats. However, the cultivation of rubber has drastic consequences for our environment, as it is mostly grown in monocultures and rainforests which are cut down. Upon closer inspection, other supposedly sustainable materials also turned out not to be an environmentally friendly solution. We then discovered the qualities of cork, quickly saw great potential in this wonderful resource and the idea of a cork yoga mat was born.
The material. Cork is an incredibly versatile material used in a variety of industries. Above all, cork is renewable, environmentally friendly and a recyclable material. The top of our mats is made of cork, and we have chosen recycled latex for the underside. The latex is recycled in Portugal, where our cork and our yoga mats are also made. We made a conscious decision to use cork and recycled latex in order not to use new resources, but existing ones. All of our products are vegan.
The design. With our printed mats, we want to reflect the joy of being connected to nature and the power we receive from it. This is how our first series of artist prints came about, which were designed here in Germany.

Giving back. For every purchase of a yoga mat, we donate € 1 to the Virgin Beech Forest Project from Peter Wohlleben. You can find more information about our collaboration with Wohllebens Waldakademie here.


We all have it in us to achieve great things through small changes and to grow beyond our limits. Be it in terms of our environment or how we consciously shape our lives every day.  

- Be Your Own Hero!

Cristina Redinger

Treehuggr Founder

What does Treehuggr really mean? The word tree-hugger is a popular term that refers to a person dedicated to preserving the environment. It comes from the symbolic meaning of a person hugging a tree to express love and care.
The term comes from people who protest deforestation by hugging trees to save them from being cut down. It is often associated with hippies, but "Tree Huggers" originally referred to the nearly 350 members of the Bishnoi Hindu branch who died in 1730 trying to protect their village's trees from destruction by soldiers seeking raw materials for a new royal palace. This heroic Bishnoi movement inspired another similar movement in 1974 in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where a group of women farmers embraced trees and used themselves as a physical barrier to protect trees from being cut down. 
This practice became known as "Tree-Satyagraha" and spread throughout India, culminating in the Chipko movement (chipko = to hold). The Chipko movement forced deforestation reforms and greatly promoted greening in the Himalayan region. The prominence of the Tree-Hugger movement has led to more research in renewable energy and products made from recycled materials.
At Treehuggr, we believe in a close connection with nature and that our daily decisions influence the extent to which we deal harmoniously with our environment. In addition, cork literally hugs trees. Thus came the inspiration to use this name (slightly modified) for our start up. Let's hug some trees!

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