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Sustainable Kork Yoga Mats - Designed in Germany & Made with Love in Portugal

Virgin Beech Forest Project

The forest protection project in Germany


We at Treehuggr want to make an active contribution to environmental protection and have teamed up with Peter Wohlleben's Forest Academy for this purpose. 1€ for every Treehuggr yoga mat sold goes to the Beech Virgin Forest Project.

How does the project work?
The aim of the forest academy is to leave the forest on it's project areas completely alone and to protect it from felling. To ensure this, we at Treehuggr compensate the forest owners for the lost timber revenue through lease payments and thus enable them to protect the forest. The Forest Academy ensures through a notarial entry in the land register that the protection of the forest is guaranteed for at least 50 years and accompanies its development scientifically.

Rustling treetops in bright spring green, supported by mighty, silvery beech trunks. In the distance you can hear the rhythmic knocking of a black woodpecker while building a house and in the pleasant coolness of the protective canopy of leaves, thick, dew-covered moss pads show that the forest is doing really well here. In Germany, such an idyll doesn't actually need much to create, it only requires one ingredient above all: time.

It is precisely this ingredient that we want to give back to our local forests. The trees on the project areas are already at least 160 years old, in some cases even over 200 years old. What sounds like a venerable age to us is just the beginning of adult life for the beech, which can live to be over 700 years old.
The task of the forest rangers is therefore: Do nothing! Forests have existed on our planet for over 300 million years and during this time nature has spun an incredibly diverse and robust web of life. From the tiny horn mite to the tree giants, every species has found its place here. This network of life, with its incredible biodiversity and its complex interrelationships has so far only been explored to a limited extent. Even the dramatic challenges of climate change have been mastered by this finely balanced community much better than the forests "optimized" by humans. In order not to disturb this masterpiece of nature, not a single tree is felled on the project areas of the Forest Academy.

You can find more information about the Forest Project here

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