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Sustainable Kork Yoga Mats - Designed in Germany & Made with Love in Portugal

Calma - Yoga Bag Cork (COOP. with KALEA)

Chakra Flower - Yogamatten Reiniger mit Bio Essenzen

We are very excited to recommend this great cork yoga bag from Kalea and at the same time support another small, local business!


Hand-sewn bag for your yoga mat made of cork and organic canvas, vegan.


Can be purchased on the  Kalea website


yoga, love & red wine - it's all about balance.

"Calma" is generous, relaxed, patient, super affable and absolutely happy with herself and the world. She is simply happy to take your yoga mat off your hands - and even your cell phone and other small items via the small storage compartment - so that you can fully engage in your next practice.

With its adjustable strap, you can wear it casually over one shoulder or strap it to your back for transport on your bike.
• - Approx 14 cm diameter x 60 cm height
• With drawstring and carrying strap made from organic cotton

• 100% cork fabric from Portugal
• certified organic canvas

Cork features:
vegan, sustainably made, tear resistant, durable and water repellent, lightweight, comfortable to the touch and keeps its shape

Cleaning: A damp cloth can be taken to clean the cork fabric. For stubborn dirt take some mild soap to it.
Chakra Flower - Yogamatten Reiniger mit Bio Essenzen

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