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Sustainable Kork Yoga Mats - Designed in Germany & Made with Love in Portugal

Treehuggr Cork Yoga Block - large

Treehuggr Cork Yoga Block, size large
Close up of Treehuggr Cork Yoga Block, size large


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Our cork yoga blocks offer a stable and secure hold during your yoga practice, so that you can facilitate or deepen your asanas as needed.

The yoga block can be used both as a booster seat for the lotus position and as an arm extension to make difficult stretches easier. Positioned accordingly, it can also be used when deepening certain asanas.

Our large block provides additional stability and comfort.


  • Made in Portugal - Sustainably harvested cork. Unlike yoga blocks made of foam, it is very sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Naturally hygienic thanks to the antibacterial cork surface
  • Non-slip, non-slip surface. Remains non-slip even during sweaty yoga exercises
  • Size large: 22.7 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm, 770g
  • Plastic free packaging, CO2 neutral shipping
  • Certified Vegan
Certified Vegan - European Vegetarian Union - V-Label.EU




All of our cork products are REACH compliant



1 of every mat sold goes to Peter Wohlleben's beech forest project. You can find more information about our cooperation with Wohllebens Waldakademie here.



Cork is a natural, renewable raw material, environmentally friendly and recyclable. All of our cork products are made in Portugal and support small family businesses, fair trade and fair wages. Since cork oaks whose bark is harvested bind up to 3 times as much CO2 as unharvested ones, they make an active contribution to climate protection. Cork oak biotopes are among the biologically richest in the world and are home to a large number of endangered animal species. The use of cork contributes to the preservation of these biotopes and their inhabitants. You can find more information about cork here.



  • Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean
  • Use mild soapy water for more thorough cleaning
Treehuggr Cork Yoga Block, size large
Close up of Treehuggr Cork Yoga Block, size large

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